Right of revocation

Right of rescission

Consumers (as defined by § 13 German Civil Code, BGB) have the following statutory right of rescission.

Right of revocation

(1) You may withdraw from the contract entered into within one month and without giving reasons for so doing by stating such an intention to withdraw from the contract in text form (e.g. letter, fax, e-mail) or by returning the product. The deadline shall commence upon receipt of the present terms of withdrawal in text form (e.g. letter, e-mail). It shall not, however, commence before the day on which receipt of goods takes place. Timely dispatch of notice of withdrawal or of goods shall be deemed sufficient for compliance with the deadline for withdrawal. Notice of withdrawal shall be sent to:


Konrad von Liebenstein

Hinterhagstr. 55

71134 Aidlingen


Tax number: DE256866671

Tel.: +49 (0) 172 / 48 60 191

E-Mail: kvliebenstein[at]volico.de

(2) Goods which have been manufactured in accordance with customer specifications and software, audio and video recordings supplied on data media from which you have removed the seal are excluded from return by statutory stipulation.

(3) In the event of valid withdrawal, any performance received by either party shall be returned and any benefits gained from us (such as interest) shall be surrendered. You must grant us compensation to the extent that you are unable to return performance in whole or in part or in the event that you are only able to return such performance in impaired condition.

(4) In the case of the supply of goods, such a requirement to pay compensation shall not apply in circumstances where impairment of the product is merely due to inspection of the product in a way which would, for example, have been possible in a retail outlet. You may further avoid the duty to pay compensation by not using the product as your property and by desisting from all actions which impair the value of the product. Products which can be dispatched in the form of a parcel should normally be returned. You shall bear the costs of regular return if the product delivered is in accordance with what was ordered and if the value of the goods to be returned does not exceed €40 or – in the event that the price of the product is higher – if you have not yet provided payment or a contractually agreed partial payment at the time of withdrawal. Products which cannot be dispatched in the form of a parcel will be collected from you.