VLC-COLOR Leather & interior paint (150 ml) Mercedes Alpaca grey dark


MPN: 1976

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  • Description
    • This paint is used in leading car manufacturer factories for remedial works on leathers and plastics. It is characterised by a high degree of pigmentation, which guarantees good coverage and adhesibility and meets the quality requirements of the automobile industry in every way. The type of nozzle used enables precise spraying to take place, and the specially designed uptake tube virtually excludes any possibility of conglutination.


      Product information

      Suitable for the following vehicles:
      • Mercedes A-Class (W169) from 2005
      • Mercedes CL (W215) 2001-2006
      • Mercedes CLK (W209) from 2002
      • Mercedes CLS (W219)
      • Mercedes M-Class (W164) from 2005
      • Mercedes S-Class (W220) 2003-2005
      • Mercedes SL (R230) from 2002
      • Mercedes SLK (R171) from 2004

      Further information:

      Colour code(s): 008, 108, 148, 208, 218, 278, 508, 518, 578, 708, 808, 828 (2 colors, grey and anthracite), 838, 878, 908

      Shelf life: at least 3 years

      Content: 150 ml (will cover a surface of approx. 0.5 m²)

      Scope of delivery: Spray can 150 ml

      This is a quality product manufactured in Germany.


      Recommended procedure for paint jobs

      1. Remove the component to be painted if required.

      2. Wet sand the areas to be painted.

      3. Degrease the component/area to be painted using our special leather and plastics cleaner.

      4. Apply a thin coat of our primer and allow top dry.

      5. Apply the paint evenly and in several layers, allowing each layer to dry (dry to the touch after approx. 5 minutes).

      6. Seal the paint by applying a thin coat of our protective lacquer (Topcoat) and allow to dry.

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