VLC-COLOR Touch-up pen Scarlet red (SLK R170 1996-1999, 11 ml)


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  • Description
    • Easy-to-use touch-up pen for the rectification of minor areas of damage (see instructions for use below).

      The touch-up pen contains the vehicle’s original interior paint and comes with a long performance guarantee.


      Product information

      Suitable for the following vehicles:
      • Mercedes SLK (R170) 1996-1999

      Further information:

      Colour code(s): 227

      Shelf life: at least 3 years

      Content: 11 ml

      Scope of delivery: Touch-up pen 30ml, instructions for use

      This is a quality product manufactured in Germany.


      Instructions for use

      Before use, and periodically during use if paint flow is insufficient, hold the brush upwards and activate the “PRESS” button. The purpose of this aeration and de-aeration process is to deliver optimum paint flow.

      Shake the pen well after approx. 20 seconds then de-aerate once more.

      Hold the brush downwards just above an underlay and slowly activate “PRESS” until paint drips onto the underlay.

      Stir the drops of paint on the underlay using the brush. (Do not allow the brush to become too wet when retouching paintwork)

      Wipe the brush off on absorbent paper and begin to apply the paint.

      After use or if the brush had dried out, immerse in paint thinner or nail varnish remover (brush only). Then wipe the brush on absorbent paper or cotton cloth or dab dry.

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